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Cafe Visit: PULP By Papa Palheta

© Nick Wong
Opened in April, 2014, PULP by Papa Palheta has already intrigued many coffee enthusiasts and non-coffee enthusiasts. Located at an old printing factory next to the New Straits Times Press building, PULP is easily one of Bangsar’s hidden gems. 

© Nick Wong
Because the city deserves great coffee. (PULP by  Papa Palheta)
The concept of PULP follow’s Papa Palheta’s Singaporean coffee boutique, Chye Seng Huat (an old hardware store). Inside the establishment, PULP retains vintage memories with a paper-cutting machine turned counter-table with stools. A simple, minimalistic wooden interior greets you inside with a modern twist of coffee machines and accessories.

© Nick Wong
The Vintage Paper Cutter | Now a counter with some of their packaged coffee
While PULP is definitely a hangout place for coffee enthusiasts, lovers and hipsters, it offers itself to be a sales and service center for its many machines, tools and accessories. Furthermore, it can also be a place for professional training and workshops.  

© Nick Wong
PULP's Hardworking, Friendly Staff 
Overall, my experience at PULP was great. Amongst the coffee sold, there are also a variety of pies and cakes available. I had the Carrot Cake and Mushroom Pie with a Cold Brew (Ethiopian Suke Quto) and a Hot Chocolate. Food costs RM10 each and Drinks cost RM12 each. For the quality that I received, it was really worth the money!
© Nick Wong
(Top to Bottom) Carrot Cake, Mushroom Pie, Cold Brew and Hot Chocolate [RM42]

Tip: If you’re not a coffee lover, they have a good selection of teas and their hot chocolate was superb. The Cold Brew was really refreshing especially for a Saturday afternoon. During peak hours, you might have to wait as the seating is rather small.

Pulp by Papa Palheta
29-01, Jalan Riong,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
(Next to NSTP)
Tel: 03-2201-3650

Facebook: PapaPalheta
Instagram: @pulpbyppp

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday,
9am to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday,
9am to 10pm

Closed on Mondays

© Nick Wong
While waiting for your drinks, you could browse their range of machines. Note: All for sale bearing hefty price tags!

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